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“The garden of the world has no limits, except in your mind.” Rumi

Cageless is not an invitation to a self-pity party or about looking for security. It is refusing to be held captive by anything or anyone. As Erich Fromm said, ‘the only secure thing in life is insecurity’. This book describes a personal roadmap with unlimited possibilities told through cultural stories, poetry, and the story of my life and how I let go, uncaged myself and flew away. Cageless is a way of sharing untraditional knowledge acquired while navigating four continents.

This book comes at a time where deconstruction of thoughts and mindset are necessary for survival. Time to stop, breathe and to recap life experiences through fresh eyes. The collective clutter of assimilation of mass information, which appears to be liberating, is in reality blocking us from honoring and freeing our true selves.

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